Large Power Supplier

Large Power Supplier

We can service all types of live events or temporary distribution systems, powered either from in-house or a generator feed. We always aim to ensure competitive prices and value for money for our clients.


ATD can provide top quality generators from 80kva — 1100Kva. Including Shared load sets, Synced Sets, Standby Power and Super silent sets. We'll also take care of the Fuel Management.

Distribution Units

We stock various Distribution Units from 16amp — 1600amp. These range from standard units to the more complex bespoke units. Our units come with various protection for all types of applications.


ATD stock vast amounts of cable ranging from 2.5mm 3 core H07 R-NF to 240mm H07 R-NF, along with various adapters and tails.

See below for all our cable stock lengths and sizes:

16amp SPN 16amp TPN
32amp SPN 32amp TPN
63amp SPN 63amp TPN
125amp SPN 125amp TPN
120mm Lug to lug 120mm Power-Lok to Power-Lok
150mm Lug to lug 150mm Power-Lok to Power-Lok
240mm Lug to lug 240mm Power-Lok to Power-Lok

Specialist Equipment

ATD provide transformers in various sizes which help to step down higher voltage power sources. ATD also provide isolating transformers (230v/400v > 230v/400v), AMF Panels and UPS units for critical power.

We carry a good stock of lighting for special events in all environments. Our stocks include 400w Geiwiss HQI Discharge lighting, which offer our clients a great source of light when installed at height to illuminate a structure. Available with a white or blue lamp.

We can also provide 5ft and 6ft Class 2 fluorescent fittings which are great for general lighting. If you require something brighter or need to light an outside area then we have various sunfloods in black or white. Diesel powered lighting towers are also available.

ATD provide emergency exit lights (fully regulation compliant), secondary lighting twin dead spots and brick lights (ideal for lighting walkways or stair cases). All come with a 3 hour battery back up and only a 9w lamp.

Hire Services

Our catalogue of equipment is currently being documented. If you have any queries regarding dry hire equipment, just give our office a call and one of our team will be happy to answer your questions.

High standards

ATD strives on tight deadlines and are continually re-investing in our power distribution equipment.
All our cables and distribution units are maintained and tested on regular intervals.

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Specialist Lighting

Cable Ramping

Scissor Lifts